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A question from Shane via email

QuoteFirst THANK YOU for all of your work.  Secondly, is it possible to have the scrolling text/twits clickable?  I like how when you hover over them; it stops... but would be awesome if once you clicked them it would take it to the tweet.

Maybe I'm just missing something.


And, a question from Theeastseries

QuoteI've tried every combination I can think of to make it so that you can click on my tweets and be brought to my twitter feed, but none of them seem to work.  Am I trying to do something there that's not possible?

You can simply set your "Tweet Layout" to something like this
Code Select
<a href="@status_url">@tweet - posted on @date</a>
WP Manga / Limited access to WP Manga board/forum
February 28, 2011, 04:54:16 PM
This WP Manga forum/board is provided exclusively to WP Manga users that provides lots of useful information/resources about WP Manga.

Only WP Manga users with active maintenance/support period can access to hidden sub-boards/sub-forum such as
- Customizations/hacks
- Suggestions
- Bugs/Errors Reporting
- Support Center

Note for WP Manga users that are not granted full access to WP Manga board/child boards yet
- Click/open menu "Profile" -> "Account Settings" above
- Click/open menu "Modify Profile" -> "Group Membership"
- Click "Request Membership" on "WP Manga User" group
- On the comment input box, don't forget to submit your paypal email account or name for verification usage
- Click "Submit Request"
- Your request will be approved as we have verified your details
- You will be removed as WP Manga User once your maintenance/support period is over/terminated
Change/Update Logs / Xhanch - My Twitter - 2.5.4
February 26, 2011, 04:06:05 AM
Xhanch - My Twitter - 2.5.4 is released

  • Added a feature to fix issues for those who still have the problem after updating. On the configuration page, you can find a button that will try to fix your issue

You can find complete change/update logs of Xhanch - My Prayer Time v 1.0.2 or older versions on comments on this page
You can find complete change/update logs of Xhanch - My Quote v 1.4.7 or older versions on comments on this page
You can find complete change/update logs of Xhanch - My Advanced Settings v 1.0.9 or older versions on comments on this page
Change/Update Logs / WP Scritter - 1.0.0
February 25, 2011, 11:34:26 AM
WP Scritter - 1.0.0 is released

  • Initial Release

You can find complete change/update logs of WP Manga v 1.2.1 or older versions on comments on this page

That indicates that somehow the installer failed to create table in your database

To fix this, you can simply update to v 2.5.4 where there is a button that will fix this issue.

Or, you can run the following SQL query via PHPMyAdmin

Code Select
create table if not exists wp_xmt(
id int(11) not null auto_increment,
nme varchar(100) not null,
cfg longblob not null,
twt_cch longblob not null default ”,
twt_cch_dtp bigint(20) not null default ’0′,
prf_cch longblob not null default ”,
prf_cch_dtp bigint(20) not null default ’0′,
primary key (id),
unique key nme_unique (nme)

Note: Don't forget to replace wp_ with your own table prefix

After running that SQL query, you can import your old profiles via the configuration page
Change/Update Logs / Xhanch - My Twitter - 2.5.3
February 23, 2011, 06:16:45 PM
Xhanch - My Twitter - 2.5.3 is released

  • Added useful links for this plugin

  • Fixed: Show Divider line not working

  • Fixed: Default CSS issue

You can find complete change/update logs of Xhanch - My Twitter v 2.5.2 or older versions on comments on this page