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[Jackie Cooper] The "Superman" actor - dies aged 88

Started by Xhanch Studio, May 05, 2011, 12:49:31 PM

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Xhanch Studio

Academy Award nominated actor Jackie Cooper has died.

Cooper -- who was nominated for an Oscar when he was 9-years-old -- passed away yesterday at a hospital in Beverly Hills after a sudden bout with illness.

Cooper was a highly respected director in his adult years -- winning Emmy awards for his work on "M*A*S*H*" and "The White Shadow."

Cooper famously played the role of The Daily Planet newspaper editor in the 1978 "Superman" film.

In addition to his long acting career, Cooper was also a decorated WWII vet, who served with the Navy in the South Pacific.

He will be missed.

Here are some more pictures of him:

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 1][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 2][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 3][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 4][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 5][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 6][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 7][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 8][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 9][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 10][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 11][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 12][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 13][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 14][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 15][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 16][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 17][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 18][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 19][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Jackie Cooper 20][/spoiler]

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