[Firefox] Wall of shame for slow add-ons

Started by Xhanch Studio, April 06, 2011, 05:47:16 PM

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Xhanch Studio

Mozilla has published a list of 10 Firefox add-ons that hinder the browserââ,¬â,,¢s performance the most.

The list (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/performance/#addon-11) shows how much each add-on slows down Firefox at startup.

Ironically, an add-on called ââ,¬Å"FastestFox ââ,¬â€œ Browse Fasterââ,¬Â is on the list, together with several very popular ones such as the developer-oriented Firebug and bookmark synchronizer Xmarks.

The slowest add-ons on the list, FoxLingo ââ,¬â€œ Translator/Dictionary and Firebug, slow down Firefoxââ,¬â,,¢s startup by a whopping 74%.

The list is a result of a recent initiative by Mozilla to put a stop to performance-slowing add-ons. Mozilla announced it will perform automated performance tests of the top 100 add-ons hosted in its add-on gallery every week and display warnings for add-ons that slow Firefoxââ,¬â,,¢s startup time by 25% or more.
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