[PC casing] Creative, unique, and cool PC casings

Started by Xhanch Studio, October 15, 2011, 04:53:02 AM

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Xhanch Studio

PC casings are not only to cover your computer, but it can be used to express the owner/user.
Here are some creative, unique, and cool PC casings:

  • [spoiler=With the power of steam][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=I am the bat][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Low-tech is the best tech][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=This will keep it coolââ,¬Â¦right?][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=The power of Christ compels you][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Had to have the doors widened to get it outside][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=A PC case that can also defend this checkpoint][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Overclocked furniture][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=How about a microwave thatââ,¬â,,¢s really a computer][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=My other girlfriend is a computer][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=This is Galactica Actual ââ,¬â€ fire the nukes!][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Oooooo, shiny][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Make sure everyone knows what your favorite game is][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Hulk smash!][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Stare longingly into Kratosââ,¬â,,¢ eyes while you disembowel something][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Hey bender! Itââ,¬â,,¢s that guy you are!][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=And Leela would be your captain][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=What is the Matrix?][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Perfect for gaming][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Birthplace of digital Uruk-Hai][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=For the musically inclined][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Garbage for a computer][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Property of aperture science][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=The game may have sucked, butââ,¬Â¦][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Artoo?! Artooooo!][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Tie fighter for a table][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Best when calling for air support][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=PC as art][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=This is gross][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=Cuteness Overload][/spoiler]

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