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Sry for the late respond tryed to ignore this error but still geting it...

cURL support   enabled
System   FreeBSD Rado 8.4-STABLE FreeBSD 8.4-STABLE #
There is no problem with fresh install... it happend after enable the WPA ... yeah as I said it happends from time to time ... Its like it has timer to work :D as for the hosting I just said its my own root machine and there shouldnt be any problem with it
There is no problem with the DNS... The hosting is my own (I have dedicated machine hosted in internet provider on freeBSD) I never had problem like this... on all sites I made that is...
ok I did what you told me and ...



And no it doestn matter what browser I use :( the IP doesnt matter I talked with other people to try open it and they say its the same...
Hello I finally made a new fresh install of wordpress with new theme... and I got this error AGAIN...

Wordpress: 3.6.1
Plugin: 1.0.8

When I try to open my site I got BLANK page with chrome message "No Data Received" in the page tab of chrome (on the top) it say "unsuccessful loading"


I had this error with my old site but I thinked that after fresh install It will be fixed :( but I guess it WOTN

After few refreshes and some time its working ... and after some time ... the same error :(