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[Compare] Infolinks vs Kontera

Started by Xhanch Studio, May 26, 2011, 05:47:19 PM

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Xhanch Studio

Have you heard of InfoLinks? If you have not it’s fine, they are a new in content ppc advertising company similar to Kontera. As you may have noticed I have just started testing them out as a publisher on this website and have noticed some impressive results. So far the earnings seem to be more than any of my previous earnings in the past from Kontera.

The main reason looks like the good conversion ratio, while similar to Kontera, there payout is a lot higher. Just to show you how low paying kontera is check out these both screenshots:

  • [spoiler=With Kontera, made $29.62 with 160,013 impressions ($0.19 eCPM($)][/spoiler]

  • [spoiler=With Infolinks, made $62.08 with 119,202 impressions and ($0.49eCPM($)][/spoiler]

I wanted to wait longer to see what my results were on InfoLinks before posting here about it being a recommended program, however even from my short testing it appears to be better. The only downside is they appear to not have many advertisers so a lot of the ads are to there own website custom google search which can be really annoying for publishers, however that could easily improve over time as the company gets more publishers as well. Also I am hoping there contextual side improves, Kontera wins here hands down.

The main benefit so far I can see from them compared to Kontera is they so far pay better, there ads load quick and the colours they use in there ads look great. If you are wondering how there payout system works, it is similar to Kontera in that after $100 in earnings it goes to your Paypal account.

If you are using Kontera now you may wish to look at InfoLinks as a possible good option. I am still in testing mode with them, however any other feedback on this program by commenting below will be much appreciated.
Best Regards,
Susanto B.Sc
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Can you update it now 2011?

what happend now on two advertising company?

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